Friday, February 27, 2009

Snowden Library's most recent READ poster

Featuring Christopher Dahlheimer, Bryan Kopesky, Thomas Barger, and Michael Maurer.

Other READ posters can be found in our online gallery.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kids Night Out

Snowden Library librarians and the real Snowden took part in Kids Night Out sponsored by the Class of 2011. A reading corner provided guests with a spot to look at books and a chance to hear some stories read aloud.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Food in the library!

After a number of requests for food on our annual 10 at 10 survey, and focus groups, we have finally been able to respond. The library has recently acquired several vending machines. One offers chips and candy bars, and one is for cold bottles of various Pepsi products. These machines can be found on the north side of the library.

On the other side of the library, near the elevators, there is a Flavia machine. This serves hot drink like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate (known as a "chococcino"). You can even do fancier drinks like flavored lattes, cappuccinos, espresso's, and mochaccinos. Cost ranges from $.75 for drinks that only require one packet, and $1 for drinks with flavors.
You have to select your drink and flavor packets from the drawers and insert them into the machine as directed. Instructions can be found above the machine. If you feel nervous, please ask any library employee and we'll be happy to help. Many of our student workers also know how to use it!
Librarian Mary Broussard is a huge fan of the Milky Way Chococcino!